Book an Elk Hunt

100% Success Rate the Last 5 Years - No Fences!

A Nebraska Elk Tag is a once in a lifetime draw why risk it? Our elk hunts are all fair chase, no high fences and in the past 5 years we have had a 100% success rate with elk scoring from 320" to 358". With a portion of our prime elk land bordering the 19,000 acre Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge we have 3 completely different elk herds roaming the plains, which means non-competing big bulls roam the area.

The mass numbers of resident elk in the area help to ensure that you will have great opportunities and up close encounters with this Great Plains' Giant.

Have a cow elk tag or a guest has one? We accommodate for those as well! Still a fully guided hunt, overnight stay in our lodge and what a way to introduce someone to the sport and tradition of hunting than being covered up in elk.

The closest you can get to a guaranteed kill!

A Nebraska or South Dakota State hunting license and an Elk Tag are necessary for this hunt.  Contact us, we would be happy to help you and send you the application.

$4900 Rifle Only

2017 Bull Elk Hunt Dates: Sept 30 - Oct 29

5 day 6 night stay - Guest Included.

$1500 Cow Elk Hunt

2 day/ 3 night stay 

2017 Hunt Dates: Aug 15 - Oct 29,  Dec 1 - Dec 31

​Hunt Package includes lodging, meals, hunt transportation, guide service, delivery to processing, and delivery to our recommended taxidermist.